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287-163, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line
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162-373, 50th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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Coors Light, 135th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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287-135, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line
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157-245, 96th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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in theaters, Elmhurst Ave., IND Queens Blvd. Line
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287-159, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line


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About wall cuts

Life imitates art. We love it when that happens, because it’s supposed to be the other way around. Artists create works that reimagine or reflect the world, or the world produces something that has the formal or aesthetic properties of a work of art, without human help.

The wall cuts on this site – panels in the New York City subway system where print advertising is displayed - were created by the forces of nature, time passing, and, to a greater or lesser extent, people. Left to deterioriate, paper, paint and glue mutate in striking and unexpected ways, and subway artists selectively peel paper to specific effect.

The results are dense, detail and color-rich images that resemble Abstract-Expressionist, Color Field, Pop Art, graffiti, collage and found object art. Bold and striking gestures, delicate, layered effects, and a full color palate create panels with a wide variety, range and effect, the more remarkable for the myriad forces which produced them.


I name panels after identifiable text or images appearing in the panel, but when neither are available, I use the unique 6-digit code below the wall cut on the subway tile, followed by the station name and subway line.


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Each wall cut is a composite created from multiple files to facilitate the printing of large-format, pixel-dense images without loss of detail or resolution.

When initially creating these images, I did not always include the tile border; please inquire if an image does not show the border for its availability.