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287-163, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line
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162-373, 50th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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Coors Light, 135th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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287-135, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line
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157-245, 96th St., IND Eighth Ave. Line
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in theaters, Elmhurst Ave., IND Queens Blvd. Line
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287-159, Flushing Ave., IND Crosstown Line


Documenting the New York City subway system's "wall cuts" - panels where print advertising is displayed - is an ongoing passion of mine. Subway artists mark up and peel posters, exposing layers of paper to specific effect, and neglected panels deteriorate, transforming paper, paint and glue in striking and unexpected ways.

The panels may resemble abstract paintings, Pop Art, found object art, collage, and other contemporary and modern art movements and practices.


I name panels after identifiable text or images appearing in the panel, but when neither are available, I use the unique 6-digit code below the wall cut on the subway tile, followed by the station name and subway line.


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I work with one of New York's top fine art printers to create museum-quality prints at custom sizes. Panels can be printed up to their actual height of 46" but varying in length. Most are available with a white subway tile border; all are offered "edge-cropped" (without a tile border). Images are displayed in either version randomly where both are available.

Please inquire if interested in purchasing a print.