Barton Lewis - Works

Light reflected by traffic passing under support arches of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the hour after sunrise.

Panels in the New York City subway system where posters are hung and then peeled away, creating Ab-Ex painting-like effects with graffiti and collage.

Ghostly, skeletal patterns cascade over a building's facade in Bushwick, NY.

13 fire doors attached to a fence on the perimeter of the Atlantic Yards (now Barclays Center) in Brooklyn, NY.

Peeling paint and rust create jewel-like effects on a steel truss in an outdoor Manhattan pavilion.

Light reflected by water onto various surfaces in Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

An abandoned graffiti-scrawled warehouse in the meat-packing district of Chelsea, NY.

Light reflected onto the artist's plaster ceiling by traffic outside.

Light reflected onto the High Line, an elevated railroad cum urban park on Manhattan's West Side.