Barton Lewis

films about light and the urban landscape

Light reflected onto the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the hour after sunrise in an excerpt from "red hook, rush hour" (2016).



My films are about ways of looking and listening in the world. I’m interested in perception as an art: finding beauty in the textures and patterns, colors and shapes (visual and aural) that form sensory experience.


Historically my films have explored this theme through natural light, and the urban industrial landscape in states of opulent decay. More recently, I have focused on the aesthetic properties of everyday phenomena that form the fabric of City life.


water blue robins egg 23rd st broken guru i will miss you pants nose swirls church ave network reality all stars ports kline

The images at left are from my film "wall cuts, train stations, New York City," about the panels in the NYC subway system where posters are hung and removed, creating Ab-Ex like paintings with graffiti and collage.


I shot over 40 of these panels in 2014-15, and continue to record ones of especial interest. These images are available as fine art prints in addition to their original format. Please contact me if you are interested in a print for your office or home.

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